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70 LPI Lenticular Lens Sheet Material
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LPI (Lenses per Inch)

70 LPI



Standard Sheet Size:

1020mm x 510mm,
710mm x 510mm

Gauge (Thickness)

APET: 0.90mm

Range of width

Width: 710 ~ 1200mm
Length: No limit

Viewing Angle


Viewing Distance

0.15 ~ 1.8 m

Optimum Storage Temperature

23 ~ 30ºC

Optimum Storage Humidity

70 %

Direction of Lenticules

Parallel to Sheet Length


It is specially designed for advertisement. It is used for posters, billboards, etc. The suitable graphic effects: flip, 3D, animation, morph, zoom, etc.

Standard Packaging

750 sheets per pallet


Standard sheet size is 1020510mm (WL),  and 710510mm (WL) .
The range of width is 710 ~ 1200 mm. The size of sheet can be tailored to meet your specific needs, if the ordered quantity is large.

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