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The company is well equipped with full sets of advanced and automatic extruders and printing and post-printing machines, which are introduced from Germany, the United States, Canada, etc. The company has CTP and CTF plate-making technologies, advanced printing machines, printing post-procedure equipment, and large and state-of-the-art plastic sheet material extruding and shaping machines. With the advanced machines and the state-of-the-art technologies for 3D lenticular images and 3D anti-counterfeit products, the company has strong manufacturing capability for PC films/sheets, PET/PP films/sheets, lenticular lenses sheets and letnicular printing products. The manufacturing capability of PC films/sheets is 20,000 ton per year. The manufacturing capability of lenticular lenses sheets and PET/PP films/sheets is 200,000 ton per year. The manufacturing capability of plastic thermoforming packaging is 10,000 ton per year. The company is able to produce and supply one billion 3D lenticular printing cartons each year. The company also has strong lenticular printing capability, and can meet clients urgent needs for large quantity lenticular printing products in a short time.

The company supplies PC films/sheets, PET/PP films/sheets, lenticular lenses sheets, 3D lenticular packing boxes, and eye-catching 3D lenticular printing products in high quality, which are produced from the non-poisonous, harmless, recyclable and environment protecting raw materials PC, PP, PET/APET and PMMA.

Our products have strict technology and quality control and assurance systems. We have the state-of-the-art test, inspection and analysis facilities for inspecting and analyzing our products, such as electronic universal tensile force testing machine, electronic display impact testing machine, HAAKE rheometer, Thermonicolet infrared analyzer, electric performance tester, thermal weightlessness analyzer, horizontal/vertical combustion tester, heat distortion temperature (HDT) /Vicat softening point tester, etc. Most of these machines and instruments are introduced from world-famous companies, which ensure the accuracy and reliability of analysis, test and inspection of the products.

Workshops and facilities
The equipment: The company has the Extruders introduced from U.S.A. and Germany, and such a series of import equipment as leveloff slicer which made in Taiwan, which are used to produce the lenticular lenses sheet materials or smooth rolls materials.
The equipment: Has a series of imported slicers to cut the materials.
The equipment: Has 4 color, 5 color, 6 color, 7 color and 8 color printing machines, and related half-tone screen printing machines, printing inspecting machines introduced from Germany.
 Rolling the box to separate
The equipment: Has box separating machines introduced from Japan and box rolling machines from Taiwan, which is used to roll and shape sheet materials into various kinds of packaging boxes.
 Boxes Pasting
The equipment: Has boxes pasting machines made by Taiwan and Tianjin, which are used to make different kinds of boxes.
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